The purpose of this corporation shall be to promote and develop every phase of the dairy goat industry, including but not limited to breeding programs, the proper public recognition of products related to dairy goats, aiding goat showing at fairs, and aiding 4-H programs relating to dairy goats.

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Welcome to
The Minnesota Dairy Goat Association

Upcoming 4-H Goat Workshop - February 23rd in Hokah, Minnesota
Check the Events Page for more info.

The 2018 ADGA National Convention

There are many requests for information from the educational sessions at the 2018 ADGA National Convention.  The Minnesota Dairy Goat Association is offering USB Drives for sale, which include presentations & resources provided by the speakers who shared their presentations.  The USB Drive includes the digital program book with speaker contact information, biographies, session descriptions, vendor and sponsor contact information.

Click Here for information & ordering

The Convention is in the Books for MDGA!

We'd like to thank all the volunteers that helped make the 2018 ADGA Annual Convention a great success. It was a huge amount of work and we're very proud of the results. Special thanks to our Committee Chairs & their helpers.
It took a village:

AASRP: Melissa McManigle Czeck
AI Clinic: Laura & Chris Kieser/Dean Worm/Casey Ahlbrecht-Prochniak/Levi Cambell/
Morgan Allen/Larry Marquette
Art Contest: Mary Thompson/Christine Maefsky
Breed Club Meetings: Morgan Allen
Convention Office: Morgan Allen
Decorations and Favors: Rustianna Mechura
Educational Programming (A.I., Cheesemaking, Soapmaking, etc.) Laura Torbert Kieser
Entertainment: Heidi Seipel
Equipment: Morgan Allen
Facilities/General Hotel Coordinator: Morgan Allen
Finance and Bid: Morgan Allen/Laura Torbert Kieser/Sara Koehn-Walberg
Fundraising: Morgan Allen
Hospitality/VIP Gifts: Casey Ahlbrecht-Prochniak/Marge Kitchen/Karyl Dronen/
Barb Adams/Diana Miels
Judges Pre-Training
: Doug Thompson/Cristine Nielsen/Susanna Yeomans/Randy Ahrndt/
Diana Rico/Roberta Kitlinski
Judges Training Conference: Doug Thompson/Dan Considine/Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm Family/
JoAnn Mueller/Andrea Strusz/Susanna Yeomans/Roberta Kitlinski/Mark & Bonnie Augustine/Wendy Lawliss/Karyl Dronen/Linda Ahrndt/Brian & Karin McCann/Barb Adams/Tracy Mosher/
Rick & Lynn Voight & Family/and other handlers
Linear Appraisal: Doug Thompson/Cristine Nielsen/Randy Ahrndt/Diana Rico
Products Competition/Products Reception: Karyl Dronen/Daniel Louie/Gwen Zimmerman/Diana Rico
Program Printing: Laura Torbert Kieser
Publicity: Laura Torber Kieser
Registration/Registration Packets/Signage: Laura Torbert Kieser
Social Media: Sara Koehn-Walberg/Laura Torbert Kieser
Speaker Intros: Barb Adams/Diana Rico/Krista Mattson/Mary & Emily Thompson
Spotlight Sale Health Certificates: Tom & Melissa Czeck
Spotlight Sale Pens & Supplies: John McPherson/Keith Allen
Spotlight Sale Set-up & Security: Susanna Yeomans/Sara Koehn-Walberg/Daniel Louie
Spotlight Sale Pens & Cleaning: Mark & Bonnie Augustine/Chris Kieser/Keith Allen
Wine Donations: Marge Kitchen, Trisha Tank
Presentations and PPT Coordination: Tracy Moshier
Technology and Livestreaming: Adam Prochniak
Transportation: Adam Prochniak/Emily Thompson/Doug Thompson
Type Conference: Doug Thompson/Cristine Nielsen
Vendors: Marge Kitchen and Gwen Zimmerman
Volunteer Coordination:Morgan Allen/Laura Torbert Kieser/Anna Hajdik/Emily Thompson/
David Foley/Marge Kitchen/Karyl Dronen
Website: Doug Thompson
Welcome Bags: Moorse Family
Youth Program: David Foley

If I've missed or misplaced anyone, please let me know so I can make the necessary corrections.

There were many requests for information from the educational sessions that were offered at the 2018 ADGA National Convention.  To meet that need, the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) is offering USB Drives for sale, which will include presentations and resources provided by the speakers who shared their knowledge at Convention.  The USB Drive will also include the full digital program book which includes speaker contact information, biographies, session descriptions, vendor and sponsor contact information and more.
Click Here for more information

Want to be a 4-H or FFA Dairy Goat Judge?

County Fairs are constantly looking for qualified individuals to judge youth dairy goat shows.  No special certification is required just a knowledge of dairy goats and an interest in working with youth.  Even if you have not judged before, this may be your time! The MDGA is organizing a list of interested individuals that can be shared when county fairs contact the association.  If you would like to be considered for the list, please contact Larry Marquette  and provide a brief description of your experience with dairy goats and youth.


Each year the MDGA considers nominations for Outstanding Youth.
For information on this program, check our Guidelines & Application Form

Minutes of past General Membership and Board Meetings are located in the MDGA website Archives.

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MDGA Constitution and By-Laws

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