The purpose of this corporation shall be to promote and develop every phase of the dairy goat industry, including but not limited to breeding programs, the proper public recognition of products related to dairy goats, aiding goat showing at fairs, and aiding 4-H programs relating to dairy goats.

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MDGA Outstanding Youth

2012 MDGA Outstanding Youth - Lexy Heldt


    2009 MDGA Outstanding Youth - Danielle Gunder

Danielle is a 12th grade student of the Agricultural & Food Science Academy, she is an honor roll student, AFSA ambassador, FFA member and 4-H member.

She has had Nigerian Dwarf goats for three years and is a member of MDGA, AGS and ADGA.  She has competed in club goat shows, 4-H shows and the Goat Quiz Bowl.  Besides goats, Danielle has been very involved with her horse, rabbit, and dog 4-H projects and has won many top honors.

Danielle has worked in the "I Milked a Goat" booth" at the MN State Fair both last year and this year. She looks forward to becoming more involved with MDGA activities.


2009 Youth Coordinators:

Gillian Welch is 13 years old and has had goats for 10 years.  She loves to help other people show their goats and help others in anyway she can.  She has worked for MDGA at the "I milked a goat booth" ever since she was old enough to do so.  Gillian enjoys working with her goats and taking them to parades and shows.

Isabella Dougherty is 17 years old and has had goats for only 2 years but has always loved them, spending hours petting goats at the zoo.  She has 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats.  She belongs to the Isanti county 4-H program, is Secretary of her club and was a County 4-H Ambassador.
Phillip Dougherty is 17 years old and helps his sister with her goats.  He enjoys helping others with showing and taking care of their animals at shows and fairs. 


2008 Outstanding Youth - Lauren Schifsky

Lauren is 16 and will be a Junior this fall at AFSA (a charter school for agriculture, foods and science). Lauren’s interest in goats started when she got 2 pygmy goats as her sixth birthday present. She was instantly “hooked” on goats from that day on. She has had many breeds through the years, but fell in love with the Nigerians and built her herd from her original first 4 Nigerians. The last ten years have been filled with activities for Lauren including 4-H, the Northland Pet Goat Club, MDGA, FFA, Saddle Club trail rides, county fairs and state fairs. Lauren also wrote for the GGG when she was younger.

Fall will be busy as Lauren also owns “Doc”, her gaming horse, and will be competing in the Western Saddle Club Champ show. Through many “goat friends” and their help, Lauren has enjoyed years of breeding and raising her Nigerians. Last spring brought 35 new kids to her farm, and Lauren is already anticipating the 2009 breeding season.

2008 Outstanding Youth Runner Up - Gretchen Beverly

Gretchen is the 3rd daughter of 4. Gretchen also goes to the AFSA charter school. She chose this school because of the size and the fact they major in agriculture. Since starting high school she has been on the A and B honor roll and excelled in many areas of agriculture. Gretchen has been working with animals since she was 12 years old. She worked with a petting zoo for the last 5 years. The past year she has worked at Poplar Hill Dairy by milking goats. She helps teaching 1st graders at church and works in the nursery on Sundays. Gretchen is very responsible and takes tasks very seriously. Wherever she goes, children are attracted to Gretchen and she always takes good care of the kids.

Since Gretchen bought her first LaMancha, she has had many setbacks with her goats, but she has continued to chug along and take it in stride even after loosing her prize goat to liver flukes. All you have to do is be around Gretchen for a short while and you will see the love she has for goats and the compassion she has for everything God has put on the earth.

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