MDGA National Show Committee/Subcommittee Assignments

(An * indicates the person is also on the ADGA National Show Committee)

Wine & Cheese Raffle Donations Welcome Dinner Show Ring Advertising/Publicity Camping/Dormitories
Chair: Marge Kitchen Chair: Andi Strusz Chair: Morgan Allen* Chair: Karyl Dronen Chair: Mary Thompson Chair: Laura Kieser Chair: Adam Prochniak
/Chair: Karyl Dronen Chair: Morgan Allen* Chair: Keith Allen Chair: Marge Kitchen Chair: Melissa Czeck Chair: Casey Prochniak  
Allan Weinand   Laura Kieser Linda Ahrndt   Angel McPherson  
Mary Thompson*   Casey Prochniak        
Anna Hajdik*            
Hospitality Vet Check Vendors Youth Feed & Bedding Volunteers Awards
Chair: Diana Miels Chair: Melissa Czeck Chair: Keith Allen Chair: Danna Laliberte Chair: Adam Prochniak Chair: Chair: Morgan Allen*
/Chair: T. & M Schmidt Chair: Casey Prochniak Chair: Rodney Coe Chair: Michelle Ruedy Chair: Rodney Coe Chair:  
      Michelle Scheglowski